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Leaf Cup Making Machine (OST on Trial Version)

Making best use of locally available raw material......

Leaf Cup Making Machine which is with us duly given by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Sikkim is Foot Operated with the arrangement to fit Dies of different size and shapes in the same : ONE AT A TIME.

Male Die is fixed and has an ALLOY ALLUMINIUM CAST BLOCK in it with necessary heating arrangement through a domestic electric current.
Female Die
It moves up the fits into the Heated Male Die when the operator presses the Lever with his / her foot after placing the raw material on the female Die. When the raw material ( Leaf) comes in contact with the Heated Block of the Male Die in a span of 30-40 secs depending upon the heated temperature of Die, the leaf get moulded upon the design and shape of the Die.  

As Leaf Cup / Plate Making units are highly viable because of Low Capital Involvement in them yielding handsome profits. With a view this sort of units can be safely adopted by the Social organizations for their successful Employments.
Trials undertaken:
We have collected some of the different types of raw/available materials to be moulded in shape on different Dies.

Trial No 1 : Raw Material - Green Nebhara/Bar Leaves (Ficus spl)
ParametersTaken Observation / Result
1. Single Leaf Did not gave good result may be due to single and green leaf.
2. Two layers of Green leaves having thin polythene sheet between them. Polythene sheet in between the set of leaves melted & gets fastened to the inner sides of both the layers thereby making the leaf cup/plate leak proof.
But due to greenness, it was not 100% moisture free and not looked nice also.
3. Dried leaves taken. It cracked like Pappad.
Trial No 2 : Raw Material - Bamboo Sheath (Khapata)
Before taken up of different parameters, the Bamboo Sheath was washed 2-3 times rubbing the surface of the sheath in the water stored in the utensil and finally washed properly on running tap water in order to eliminate the prickles.

Parameters Taken Observations/Results
1. Without Soaking in water Surface of cups/plates became cracked, may be due to unflexibility character of Sheath.
2. Soaking in water for 5 Hrs. Still cracked and torned.
3. Soaking in water for 10 Hrs. The result not satisfactorily, may be due to moisture content not freed properly.
4. Soaking in water for 15 Hrs. Trial is under process.
5. Soaking in water for 24 water. Trial is under process.

Either we may send our operator for proper training and methodology at A.M.I. Engineering, Poona at least for 2 days (Seeing is believing concept) or we may call /invite the person from there by offering them Actual To & Fro travel fares along with fooding & lodging for proper guidance and training.
Trial No 3 : Raw Material - Saal Patta
For this,we have to get or procure Saal Pattas from lower belt or from Siliguri and may also get permission from Forest Deptt(?).  OR we may can procure stitched pattals of leaves in town like Siliguri, Forest mandis in truck or wagon loads.
Trial No 4 : Raw Material - Paper Cartoons boxes
Parameters Taken Observations / Results
Available material Paper Cartoons boxes from shops It gave somewhat good result and shape, but not up to the mark.

Remarks/ conclusion:

 But still we have to send our operator for proper training at least for 2-3 days with practical at A.M.I Engineering, Patna for various methodologies, parameters by seeing himself.

Though these are all trial versions, but if anybody from social organization wants to have such type of entrepreneurship, they are (if approved) welcome to be sent for proper training for undernoted purposes:-

 a)      Cup/plates of attractive designing

b)      Leaf boxes for display of fruits having Polythene sheet lids at the top for quick sale.

c)      Boxes from Thin Alluminium foils.

d)      Decorative plates.

e)      Even from Are Null sheets ( how they do ?)

f) It is also to be understood the exact temperature and time for suitable products, so temperature guage (?) if possible may/ can fitted or attached with Male Die