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Achievement of KVK Mangan, North Sikkim

Mangan, North Sikkim

       1.  One set Soya paneer plant is installed in the Agro Service Centre which is provided by FS & AD Dept. The demonstration on soya paneer making was attended by all the staffs of KVK
       2.  22kg. of Paddy variety VL-61 was cultivated in area of 0.5 ha. And the yield was 112kg due to late sowing as there was scarcity of water at the very period of sowing. The report was already submitted during review meeting.
       3.  30 kg wheat variety UP-202 was sown in an area of 0.4ha. The harvesting is completed and yet to be threshed. The yield may decrease because there was a incidence of rust disease.
       4.  Mustard variety Pusa bold and B-9 (Yellow Sarsoon) was sown. The Germination was only 10-15% as there was lack of moisture in the soil and no timely rainfall at the time of Germination. The crop is harvested and yet threshed.
       5.  On Station Trial on 18 varieties Rajma (Phaseohu Vulgoris) was done 1550 Nos. of seedling of cabbage & cauliflower were sold to farmers @0.50 p. and the amount is deposited in the KVK account.
       6.  For seed purpose, the Radish crop is harvested and yet to be threshed. Trial on evaluation of optimum time of sowing of off season Cole crops is going on in KVK farm.
       7.  8kg millets variety PES-95 was sown and the yield 225kg .Sowing of maize variety Swan composite is completed.

Certificate of merit
"Regjionl Agriculture Fair and Rabi Kissan Mela 2008 organised by ICAR Research Complex  for NEH Region"
"Certificate of Participation"